MACHINE GUNS & MUSTARD by @larrywrites

Lawrence Parmenter






By Lawrence Parmenter


Blank pages are terrifying and exciting because of the possibilities.


It’s the same with people across a room.


When you first catch their eye they are an unknown – there are still infinite, terrifying and exciting possibilities.


They still have the potential to be a lover or a friend or a …who knows? A life flashing before your eyes of children and emigration and sitting on the side of a mountain in Tuscany playing chess against yourself with a large glass of red wine and little Italian children screaming “Papa! Papa!


But then you meet them. The possibilities narrow down. You realise they have no intention of moving to Italy when they retire.


Then they keep talking. You realise they don’t even like red wine.


And on it goes. And on it goes.


The more you get to know a person the less they are interesting and exciting they become. You strike off each possibility. Slamming doors on potential futures and born possibilities that could spring from those possibilities.


I guess it’s the same with ideas.


You start with this terrifying and exciting blank page.

The potential.

The possibilities.

The unknown.


And then as they become more known you strike them off – for being boring or derivative or just plain offensive.


You start to become someone who only likes the beginning of things –  the thrill of the unknown. They say ignorance is bliss and I guess it is, if knowing something just gives you more reasons to say no.


But you go down all those avenues and count them out of your life, or your portfolio.

You have to explore all of these potential reasons to say no.


Because if they are ‘the one’, even just for right now, even just for this brief, then it was worth it…wasn’t it?

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