I don’t want to be the best – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes


I don’t want to be the best


10.45, Dusty in Townhall. Scamp competition results:

Forrest raises his hands and says that when he saw my scamp he decided not to upload his. At that moment I was kind of “aha…people like my work” but after thinking a bit more about that sentence I wasn’t pleased.

I think is quite important to remember ourselves about the idea of having to be “the best” is terrible.

I try to remember it frequently to myself because it’s quite easy to forget. 

Society has taught us that we have to have the best grades, we have to be the smartest, the nicest, the funniest, the most creative, that we have to be the best friend, that we have to have the best body, that we have to be the best in everything aggggggghhhhhhh !

Those things are bullshit. Unfortunately, those are things that are traditionally valued.

Always comparing ourselves with the rest focusing on what we do not have and without attention.

Because when we try to be perfect we are afraid of what others can think of us. And then we are no longer free.

Getting used to the competition as a natural way of relating.

Because while we are busy trying to be the best we do not question what surrounds us.

And there is nothing more powerful than that. 

We are surrounded by an imperfect and amazing bunch of people.

I’m quite happy that SCA believes in that we have to find our voices (and do something valuable with it). 

I believe that we have to find our integrity in order to be the best ones. 

I don’t believe in those things that have to do with the neoliberal concepts of talent, of being productive only in one sense.

The triumph is not superior to anyone.

It is being ourselves. 

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