Creating Our Own Luck

The summer break is upon us, but it’s hardly a break. Alongside working two jobs, working through the homework we’ve been set, and just trying to live the life of a somewhat healthy and responsible adult, I’ve also been having regular catch-ups with Sarah, Agatha and Ellie. Free time isn’t exactly easy to come by for any of us (I sacrificed my lunch break to write this SCAB), but we’re all determined to pursue something that’s been on our minds since the start of the course.

It all started with Mike.

His characteristic green presentations introduced us to the concept of creating our own luck. It’s not something we were entirely unfamiliar with – after all, we did all make the decision to apply to SCA after careers in other areas. However, the kind of luck Mike was talking about was different. It’s the kind that makes you stand out and be seen by the right people who will then offer you your dream job, give you a million pounds and make the advertising industry worship you forever. Or so I’ve been told.

It isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it, as the saying goes. We spent weeks researching, talking and exploring what turned out to be dead ends. But in the background, our unconsciousnesses were processing it all and they must have been on the same wavelength because ideas started coming to all of us around the same time.

Now, we have a growing bank of ideas, and as much as we’d love to forget our other commitments and jump on all of them straight away, we’ve had to pick a couple to focus on for now. Will they win awards, get us on the front cover of Campaign and make us famous? Probably not. But we’ve got to start somewhere so we can start learning from all the mistakes we’re inevitably going to make – there’s hardly a better time to do so, than while we’re still students.

And that’s exactly what I keep telling my inner control freak when she groans at the prospect of me throwing both of us out there to be judged. It’s scary, but the most exciting things tend to happen outside our comfort zones so that’s where we’re headed. And it makes me equally happy and proud to know I’m going there with a group of girls who aren’t just extremely lovely, but also incredibly talented.

They say you should surround yourself with people who are better than you, and I think we’ve all gotten a chance to do just that. We’re all very different, with different strengths and skills and opinions but, somehow, when you mix it all together, it just works. I’m beyond excited to see what we end up creating, how we grow from our mistakes – and, of course, which agencies are going to be fighting each other for the chance to work with us.

More to be revealed soon, so stay tuned!


which agencies are going to be fighting each other for the chance to workwith us. More to be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

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