22 Haikus – By @chlo_gray

By Chloe Gray


22 Haikus


In Vikki Ross’ most recent masterclass, she really emphasised how important it is that in our ads, we speak like the people we’re speaking to. In copy, we’re just trying to communicate a simple message. There’s no need to flex your lexicon and embellish the text with superfluous, overly complicated language (like the word superfluous). In fact, doing so can often have an adverse effect.

I asked Vikki for advice on how to really break down a piece of writing to the bare essentials, and she suggested writing some haikus – the structure is so limiting that there is no room for anything unnecessary. I found this exercise to be extremely helpful and would recommend to any copywriter wanting to trim the fat. Without further ado, here are 22 haikus.


I thought I’d found love,

but the heat in my chest was

just acid reflux.



Do birds hate flying?

I wondered at 3am.

Are clouds god vaping?



A politician

must choose two things carefully:

Which tie and which lie?



As we passed on the

escalators, I reached out

and stole his AirPod.



Hello, welcome to

the School of Constant Applause.

Have a clap for that.



“Look at the rainbow 

in that oil spill” said a boy.

“Ha, gayyyy!” said his friend.



“Are you still watching?”

Netflix is the only one

who checks in on me.



The moon glowed orange,

like a huge sweet potato.

I thought of your face.



I lose sleep, wishing

I’d taken better care of

my Tamagotchi.



For you, I’d walk the

great distance between Bank and 

Monument station.



I never thought pink

would be my favourite shade.

Now it’s all I see.


Things you only find
When you stop looking for them:
Love and matching socks.

I studied his face,
he looked like a scarred angel.
Too torn for heaven.   

Astro-news, just in:
Mercury’s in retrograde.
I’ll stay home this week.


Now and then I feel

completely unimportant.

Like the b in crumb.


Write a persona.

It might help you understand

who the fuck you are.



A sweet stranger with
purple hair and big wild eyes
told me I’ll be fine.

Suddenly the stars,
like the freckles on your face,
all fell into place.

Please let it be known

that I know all the lyrics

to the Cha Cha Slide.


Can you go down low?

Now it’s time to get funky.

Take it back now y’all.


Autumn reminds me
of the merit in endings;
beauty in decay.


We go together

Like bullets and beanbags do.

An ungodly mess.


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