The problem is we’ll never have a black queen @lastwordstyped


By Darius Rodrigues



Texts ping like point scoring


Severe delays on the Victoria line due to a customer incident on bank holiday Monday did someone finally find the time?



Flies will adapt to fans one day



If you’re a narcissist with a crowd are you attention-seeking without one?



Imagine if you went through all of the channels and they were all news about your life. What questions would they be asking?



You know everything already everything is just there to remind you of the right things



Burn fat build muscle. The same can be said for friends.



Long interrupted improv that’s what movies missed reality tv gained some (the whole picture, so sneezes, pauses, sound of the wind) it would be like reality tv with annotations down the margins (room for viewer to create metaphor like you make me feel like sitting under an umbrella in the rain etc)



When planes crash baggage floats



You’re never picking up sometimes I call you just so I can count to ten



Reaching for hosepipe



I said what’s up she said WhatsApp



I like that I killed you with the handshake



I love how your playlist is no longer relevant



Gangster movie. Main characters:

Mr Google – The boss, will show you which door to go through, who to talk to.

Mr Facebook – Grave stone embosser

Mrs Instagram – Spin doctor

Mrs Snapchat – Prostitute



The problem is we’ll never have a black queen



Don’t want to be that guy who broke his neck once



Slow motion people on phones while fires going on men in gorilla suits



Light bright white light bright white



I’m a hero in here



Queues remind you it’s not just you in the world by saying there are others trying to do exactly the same things as you right now (Post Office)



Isn’t it mad how there used to be a sky with no planes in it?


Isn’t it made how some people get paid to click with their fingers and some people get paid to lift heavy weight?


Isn’t it mad when we’re fucked and we’re thinking I trust no one here everyone is thinking the same thing and the only way to get rid of that is if one of you says it?


Isn’t it mad that one day no one will remember this?



My only regret is I don’t get to see you grow older, and I haven’t even had a chance to do that yet.


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