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Last Sunday, I was having a chat with my roommate on big data. I usually don’t talk about work,

especially on a Sunday morning while eating my crumpets. We were discussing the impact of big data on

agencies and on the advertising experienced by consumers. In a nutshell, here’s our conversation.

Currently, if I watch the latest Victoria’s Secret ad – which I did – I’ll suddenly get web banners selling

bikinis. Instead wouldn’t I be better off to receive Tinder ads?


With big data, agencies will finally have a tool to communicate the right message, at the right time, on

the right platform. We will be able to create a predictive model, tailored to your taste and to which you’ll

even opt-in to receive advertising content. Messages won’t be as intrusive anymore and consumers will

benefit from these communication messages. For instance, while you’re shopping you might receive

mobile promotions relevant to what you’re purchasing.


Advertising agencies could also benefit from this tool. We will find real insights from finally

understanding what consumers say, think and do. Data could also avoid endless debates between the

client and the agency. And with clients bypassing agencies and directly dealing with companies like

Google and Facebook, there’s no doubt advertising agencies need to rely even more on big data if they

want to continue to thrive.


The question now is whether people will accept to trade their online data in order to get these relevant

and appealing messages. Especially with all the controversy around data and national security. Will

people disengage from using Google and social media in their everyday life? Probably not as these

platforms have become parts of our life. Thus, maybe agencies’ next big challenge is selling the benefits

of data to consumers.

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