Bad Luck @MathildeSgds


By Mathilde Segonds

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.” Orson Welles

We always said that it only happens to others, but no. Like every morning I wake up gently to go to the SCA, and I hear my roommate who calls me in an unusual way, panicked I rush into the living room and I notice all the glasses lying on the floor. The window was broken and wide open. I do not know if we are too naive, but our first remark was “it must surely be children who played” then comes our other roommate who gives him direct attention to all the missing objects.

I immediately loved Brixton, despite the sirens worthy of Sin City movie’s that resonate all day but especially at night and all the noise, must say that when you live just near the Brixton Academy you must have a very deep sleep. But its atmosphere is incredible, it has also become a big problem since we never leave Brixton …

After that, I imagine that everyone reacts the same way, we all started to conduct an investigation, why we, how could they climb our barriers and are they the people of the concert?

Then there are others who react with fear saying “oh my god, but we were sleeping next door, and if they had gone back to our room?”

And then me who told me that I really bad luck, must say that when I lived in the Parisienne suburbs I got robbed 3 times. Then there was a crazy holiday in Ibiza, all of us first lose my suitcase, so I had to spend three days under a bright sun in the same jeans. But it’s not over, one night (well, I was a little drunk) we wandered from bar to bar, I barely put my bag a few seconds on the next chair and then nothing. I had my passport, my phone, my money including my credit card and so on stolen. Then this time in Barcelona, where I was in a club with my friends, I decided to pay my shooters tour (yes I’m pretty much like that) and go to know how I can not find my card and it turns out I missed 400 euros on my account …

I do not know if it’s a curse, but now I do not give any importance to material goods.

In spite of that I still have respect for all the world, ok, the respect is not to do to others what we would not like us to do. But when a young person knows that he will not be able to study for lack of means, that he is sent on a siding, he can not give the respect he did not have. Respect is not instituted, it is a natural consequence. Respect is supposed to be mutual, so society must respect the individual.


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