Printer, printer where art thou work? By @ZSlatter

By Zoë Slatter


Printer, printer where art thou work?

A little summery into how I deal with the miss use and sometimes lack of printing ability at SCA.



Oh, printer, oh printer.

Where is my work?

I pay for you

but all you give me is nothing.

I hate you, I love you.

Only when you work.

You ****___****** prick

Kick kick.

But I love you

Ps: please work


Monday mid-morning


the f**king printer is __

Oh printer printer

you suck sometimes

you suck real bad

Suck my paper jam.



3 trees down

Math equations on paper


could you understand that!!???

find X

and my PDF.



There’s a hole in a printer and Marc’s wallet.

Sorry, Marc.



Ben massage me. Hi Ben. Is anyone there?

Paper jam, mind stuck, paper jam.



Friday morning

where’s the printer?


Friday afternoon

I need to print.


*note new printer is much better, thanks, Marc & Marcia.





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