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Owen Hunter Jenkins

By Owen Hunter Jenkins



I was lucky enough to get a book crit at BBH tonight. It was part of The Dots’ portfolio masterclass -they run sessions throughout the year for young start ups looking to get ahead in advertising. As our book is pretty much non-existent at the moment, it’s safe to say the whole experience was pretty daunting. Part of me wanted to allow it, and hope that I’d get another opportunity later in the year.
But,  I’m glad I didn’t. 
Here are some of the things I learned:
  • At this stage, SCAMPS reign supreme. ECDs seem to like that you are ready to kill your babies. 
  • EVERYONE likes different things. 
  • Passion projects spark more conversations than ‘ads’
  • Miami Ad School like to make things. 
  • ECDs love that you actually did it,  and have results to back up the idea. 
  • Physical books are rare, and well received. 
  • BBH is a big place. 
  • Know your backstory. Going to uni is boring.
  • The bigger the salary, the nicer the crit.
  • Business cards should be chucked in the bin before you go (will save the ECDs doing it)
  • Problem/Insight/Solution cover pages don’t go down well.
  • Other ad schools don’t like SCA. 
  • Juniors who have jobs fill their book with live work over good work. 
  • Don’t sell booze. 
  • Don’t do ads
  • Attempt to change the world. 
  • Be humble. 
and finally
  • Be from Leicester
It turns outmost ECDs are from the Midlands. Who’d of thought it……..

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