Architecture vs Advertising

A common question that is asked when it comes to architecture is ‘’Is Architecture Art?’’ I think the answer to that question is simple. It can be. It’s easy to ask that same question about advertising and I would say the answer is pretty much the same. It can be art, but it’s art with a purpose and that purpose is to sell. Before SCA I used to be an architect now I’m building myself in this new creative ecosystem we call advertising.

The first question I ask myself is why. Why did I make this change? Architecture is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes a design can be good just because it looks nice. Instead of looking for that perfect insight that will lead the way, you are looking for angles and curves that will enhance a building and make it unique. Of course, there are some great buildings built with a purpose behind them, but much like the advertising in Turkey, architecture is also very creatively restricted. This is because most big projects are given to offices that work for the government that isn’t looking to create something unique. Just something within the price limit. When I went into architecture I wanted to change this, but after trying it out although I really do respect the craft and work that goes into architecture I thought it restricted my creativity with all the numbers, angles, and measurements. I was looking for more creative freedom. Some randomness and weirdness.

That’s when I came across SCA. I actually think there are some interesting similarities between advertisement and architecture. The biggest similarity is, simple almost always wins. It’s sort of the same kinda simpleness, the kind that is very hard to do. A building could just be a concrete cube if it’s done right. Just like how an ad could be a single pixel or word on a canvas if there is a good insight and proposition behind it.

Another similarity is that good creatives in both industries are always looking to create something different. Something, that nobody has seen before because that’s what sticks out.

Another similarity is collecting dots and the random places you can find them. This is a rule that SCA taught me. Inspiration could come at any time, from anywhere. My dad who is one of the best architects I know always told me that his inspiration for some of his best work did not come from other architects, but came from music and art. I definitely understand what he was saying now.

Although, I’m calling out the similarities between these two completely different professions, In the end, they both require a lot of creativity and that’s basically where they align.

Going into this new chapter in my life, I’m very excited to see if my architectural background will have an impact on my work. I’m not expecting much to come from my background because I’m learning so many new things about advertising it’s slowly flooding my architectural perspective out of my brain, but you never know.


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