Open AI: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Open AI has released two products that have professionals shaking in their boots: Dall-E and Chat GPT.

We already experimented with Dall-e in class. Simply type in what you’d like to see created and the AI would develop it. The more specific you are with the details, the closer the results get to what’s in your head. Although a lot of artists seem to think it’s the worst thing that could ever happen to the art community, I don’t really mind. I once had to come up with a concept for a reference for a campaign visual with less than 30 minutes to spare. Because of how out of pocket the idea was, there were no visual references online, and so I turned to Dall-e to save the day.

The fear of the platform’s capabilities is understandable, I can’t deny that. Because of how easy it is to get a drawing, a lot of artists fear that they may no longer be relevant to people. However, I personally believe that this may speak to the lack of personality in art today. Ben Enwenwu, Bruce Onabrakpeya, and Magic Carpet Studios; are Nigerian artists whose works are easily recognized because of their distinct styles. The other day, I walked into a bookstore, saw an illustrated book cover, and immediately knew who the artist was. Once again, a distinct style of art. This is one thing AI can never take away no matter how smart it gets.

As long as people need certain traits in the artwork they look for, they’ll realise that AI cannot replace real artists. Based on my experience, it’s also difficult to make a series in the same art style using Dall-E. 

Now let’s talk about the newer product: Chat GPT

It’s not the first of its kind but it’s a whole lot smarter than, the only other alternative I know. I saw someone use Chat GPT and it absolutely blew my mind. I’ll just show you a quick test I did.

It’s brilliant isn’t it?!

I’ve experimented with both Copy.Ai and ChatGPT to create marketing campaign lines and for me, the latter is a lot more intuitive.

This brings us to concerns about the platform. Once again, it may take away the opportunity for professionals to do their work to the best of their abilities. However, this is my standpoint: Very early in a product’s life cycle, the way it is used determines the course of its use going forward. Every technological creation has scared people and convinced us that we will all be out of jobs sooner than later. But it never happens because we always make AI work for us.

Dear professionals, make AI work for you.


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