Today we all pitched a TV show to ITV – By @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


Today we all pitched a TV show to ITV ! Not bad for students at an ad school one month into the year?
And they did seem genuinely impressed. They could be good liars but I m going with the first because I was genuinely impressed too.
It was one of those things that when I read on the calendar,a few months back, made me go “hmmm interesting I got loads of tv show ideas … This will be easy.”
A little over confident and delusional but I was game. We quickly were put into teams and got down to work. The kind of work which I hope everyone loves, basically suggesting ludicrous ideas and laughing our heads off.
Luckily through all of this we were guided by Neale Simpson an absolute legend, generous with his time and energy who helped us sculpt and craft our ideas into something viable.
It was a blast. We met the deadline and pitched something in the realm of possibility.
” How many advertising briefs have you guys done?”
I hear you scream
“It’s an ad school, right?”
Well, I won’t give you the actual number but it’s less than 2…
Is that confusing?
Is that annoying?
Hell no! What is being rammed into my thick skull is IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS
and being able to actualise them, or at least explain them concisely,coherently and have fun doing it. Work hard but have fun.
We just pitched a TV show to ITV and it was a lot of fun.

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