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Tomo Taka 

By Tomo Taka


From A to B via C 

I drink and I know things. Ah, what an inspiring line. And I can relate to half of it as I write this, sat mile high on a plane drinking beer. I’m on the second leg of my weary journey, having stopped over at Frankfurt before jumping on board another flight taking me to Tokyo, where my mother resides. 

There’s no way Tyrion Lannister would bother with indirect flights. They might save a few quid but what’s an already arduous journey only becomes longer by adding an extra stop. In some ways, it’s kind of how my career is panning out. 

I am/was a journalist. But that job is, I hope, just a stepping stone to better things as I venture down a different path – one where there’s a big signpost with ‘SCA 2.0’ writ large.

It’s strange looking back. I started thinking about a career in advertising this time last year. Never could I envision I’d begin pursuing it 12 months later. 

You never really know what’s around the corner. You never really know anything – unless you’re Tyrion Lannister. And when it comes to advertising, I know as much as Jon Snow. But there are several things that I think – or at least I think I think – as I begin to get to grips with all things SCA.

So with that, here are 10 things I think…

  1. I think, as I slowly get through Made to Stick, I’m questioning more and more why things are memorable or not. The person sat in front of me is watching Batman vs Superman. What a forgettable film that was.
  2. I think the next idea is the best idea. At least that was part of the process for me as I worked through some of the scholarship briefs.
  3. I think the next idea isn’t always the best idea, though.
  4. I think I’ve never been good thinking about the future. If I were a footballer, I’d be the one saying: ‘We’ll take it one game at a time’.
  5. I think a change of scenery and a break in routine does wonders for the state of mind.
  6. I think there should be a matchmaking service that brings together solo travellers on flights. Airplanes are so dull when you’re on your own.
  7. I think USB ports are more essential on planes than in-flight entertainment systems.
  8. I think the Leon food chain do a good job making their workers care about its practice. At Heathrow, one of their workers sat down near me to do a company test that could help him get a promotion. He asked me to Google some of the answers…
  9. I think this will be the last time I make Game of Thrones references in these reflection blogs
  10. I think I’ll try and write a ’10 things I think…’ for every reflection post – but it is hard making so many worthwhile points.

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