SCAB friday 18th october – By @luce_ReFr

By Luce Renaud Frigiotti


SCAB friday 18th october 


SIGNS a sign is a gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction. 

Semiotics the study of sign process 

Signs, they’re everywhere. In all shapes and colors we see. 

McDonald’s logo, for instance. The colors red and yellow were chosen for a specific reason. The color red is stimulating and is associated with being active. The color yellow is associated with happiness and is the most visible color in daylight, which makes McDonald’s logo easy to spot on a crowded road. 

Mark’s workshop with introverts who as he said had more luck having crossed arms, it is a body language that doesn’t encourages communication. 

Of course all those signs are not obvious. They rely on our subconscious. Particularly advertising. It gives an information and always more than we could believe. We know that because we study advertising but still. When we see an ad we don’t only remember the main information, let’s say that the reductions prizes at tesco but Tesco stay in a corner of our mind. It has been part of our day. Some people think that they’re insensible to advertising. But when you’re confronted to something your brain gets familiar with it and when you see the product later in the grocery store you’re more lucky to chose it because it is natural for human to go toward the known. Even if you don’t really realize it. Just like in the Dali painting we have seen in class : we’re looking meaning. We give things meaning. For instance we see faces first, then all the details. 

We find a similar system with humour. Usually when we find something funny it’s because we give it human aspect. Like this tree is funny because it looks like Josephine, or this cloud looks like a penis. We try to give everything a meaning. Something that touches us. It’s probably why in advertisement we’re always trying to find some insights. Something that means something to people. Like this brand understands me. 

It is probably why people like astrology. Really trying to give everything a meaning, like the disposition of the stars at the very moment you were born even tho it’s been proved that the current signs are not good anymore. We see what we want to see. If today I’m feeling happy I will read signs in a different way than if I was sad. That’s why most horoscopes are written by interns. 

Kinda like religion sings tend to reassure people. Religion (at least the chrétien one that I know the best) have loads of metaphors that some believers see as facts. When maybe is it just a metaphor or a sign. 

Maybe signs is an invention of human to help us making decisions. Since we see whatever we want we make up an excuse to go towards the decision that we were going to take anyway. 

it’s game changing to have your real friends in your life 

we’re all growing up and if we are suppose to have a teenage crise it would be now 

idea for reflection : the answer is in the question , avec comme visuel les racines d’un arbre 

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