A Pencil D&AD-DY – By @MunrajSC

By Munraj Chawla 


A Pencil D&AD-DY




It’s so fucking hard.

It’s almost like this competition is designed to test you as a creative or something?! 

Anyway. Hello, hi, yes you’ve reached Munraj’s stream of consciousness. His usual SCAB tone of voice is having a bit of a breakdown as he struggles to deal with the workload he’s put on himself. Why is he doing a topical when he has to make a D&AD first cut video for tomorrow?

 God Marc knows. 

Regardless, it means you have my company to enjoy today. Recently Munraj has sat through a bunch of D&AD masterclasses and thought a cool thing to do while his mind checked out for a while would be to take you on a journey of them and the things he thought were important. Sadly it is a time where a lot of us are self-isolating and offices are telling their minions to Work From Home which means actually a lot of people at SCA did miss some golden nuggets of information so maybe this will be useful to them too (I say write as if anyone actually reads these things). 

Vikki Ross

“Do something different.” 

If there’s someone who’s opinion Munraj respects most when it comes to D&AD, it’s Vikki’s. Having probably seen it all – and also being ridiculously successful – there wasn’t a moment of her masterclass where he wasn’t captivated. Even looking at his notes now, I can see Munraj wrote a lot of things verbatim because they were so useful and having to pick one here was difficult enough. The point, I think, he found important to remember is that the video will make or break your idea and doing it differently, standing out from the crowd, is the best way to make sure a great idea is seen as such. Do. Something. Different. 

Naomi ‘Gnome Taylor

“Break the Rules.” 

Classic Gnome, very much an ‘on brand’ bit of advice from someone Munraj met for the first time today and has no idea what her brand is. Saying that, Marc talks about her a lot and everyone at SCA has drowned themselves in her work because it’s AMAZING so maybe it is a little easier to understand her brand. But yeah, break the rules; challenge the brief without changing it to fit your idea. And always, always do more than what is asked of you. 

Megan Egan

“None of it matters.” 

Yes that is her real name. I love it. Munraj does too. Here’s the thing about Meg’s masterclass. It was really, really tough to hear. We (the collective of SCA, not Munraj and I…) are spending hours on D&AD to be then told by someone WHO HAS PREVIOUSLY WON D&AD THAT “IT DOESN’T MATTER.” Well then, I might as well give up. But no, that’s not what Meg meant. She actually gave a lot of useful advice about not putting too much content in, letting the idea breathe etc., so she very clearly knew none of us would suddenly stop caring. The point about it not mattering though, is important because Meg reminded us that winning or losing D&AD will not make or break our career.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter. 

(It would be nice to win though). 


Song of the SCAB: Linkin’ Park – Numb


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