The waiting period  – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


The waiting period


It’s just shy of a week or so before I go to SCA and begin an interesting chapter of my life.

I’m currently alternating between feeling terrified and excited. I’ve brushed up on my reading, patiently waited for my “this is me project” to finally export and upload and finding out all about the adland jargon I keep on hearing (don’t worry i will bore you with design jargon also). I decided to start a simple habit of sleeping at a certain time which sounds simple but I’m a night owl so it’s has been a challenge. I’m still finding glitter from going to the Notting hill carnival and I finally gave some time to go watch the blackkklansman (it’s amazing go watch it). It’s also the season where ink pens are on sale for the upcoming inktober which the illustrator inside me is excited for.

All in all right now I am in period of preparation and waiting. Warming up my creative muscles after a month or so of just staring at the ceiling for 5 hours after having my daily depression nap. I’ve spent time finishing games on my list in order to not be tempted to play later and patiently waiting for the leaves to finally change colour around my estate. I’ve made my first batch of chinchin, a traditional Nigerian snack with my mother, eating them with her on our estate balcony with corn, marking the end of summer and the month of new beginnings for all of us. I’m feeling a little restless, ready to the take the step but also hesitating to go all in, though my mom has happily volunteered to give me the kick up the butt if I needed one…I’m not sure if she meant it metaphorically or physically…only time will tell.

While waiting I started up painting again after going to my first sketch meet the week before, it was with some illustrators/designers I had met during my time tabling at the house of illustration summer fair, ( very tempted to comeback for the christmas fair) I remember watching one person create a bunch of beautiful fashion illustrations using watercolour and gouache, it was amazing watching her, I remember her telling me she was an event manager during her day job and this was her creative outlet and a form of art therapy. I bought some cheap watercolours after and just started messing around, while listen to medical podcasts and cute japanese mascot ads (they are the future of advertising I tell you, I will buy anything from a cute mascot). I don’t think I can remember the last time I was truly in hyperfocus, it was relaxing being able to just focus and obsess over something, I hadn’t had that feeling in awhile especially after graduation, it was also nice to have technology mostly removed from a creative process and to allow myself to make mistakes something I feel will be useful lessons for the upcoming year.

Summer is finally over and once again I can finally stay outside for more than 5 minutes, and not be covered in sweat when I wake up. Although this does means I also have relearn how to talk to be people again without being awkward. I’m also interested to see what the world looks like before 9am during the weekdays for the next year.

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