I’m doing a tab cleanse

When people’s life gets hectic there are certain signs that you need to pay attention to to know when things are getting out of hand. 

For some people it’s their bedrooms, for me the sign I’m not on top of my shit is when my tabs on chrome exponentially proliferate.

I don’t know what it is but when things feel like they are slipping slightly, I’m tired, we have a lot of deadlines things just get a little disorderdally. 

I was attempting to turn a new leaf after D&AD where I was hitting around a 100 tabs a day. I promised myself term 3 would be different, but I’m already slipping back into old ways juggling the step up in gears we’ve been presented with in workload.

So I’m going to Marie Kondo the shit out of this Chrome browser right now and get my life sorted out. I’ve already lost this tab twice when flicking in between writing this and youtube.

I found a dice in my sock drawer so i thought it would be good to roll the dice as a decisive way to consider whether i still need the tab or not, as I have grown quite attached to some.

If the tab brings me joy, I will keep it. If it’s merely baggage I am holding on to it will be gone from my life.

1) Protected geographical food and drink names: UK GI schemes

Find out about the UK geographical indication (GI) schemes that protect the geographical names of food, drink and agricultural products, and the UK GI schemes registers.

Interestingly enough did you know the cornish pasty is protected? So I started looking into how this happens on a governmental level.

Does this tab bring me joy? No because I can’t remember where I was going with this. DELETE.

3) Reddit: The BBC’s trustpilot rating is absolutely hilarious

Does this tab bring me joy? This tab does bring me joy but I think it’s time to depart ways.

8) The Mob Tricolore

Mob’s take on the Italian classic. Mozzarella, tomato, avocado and basil. So fresh, so delicious. The key is in the red wine vinegar dressing.

Does this tab bring me joy? This recipe was peng, but I have eaten therefore I no longer need this tab in my life.

14) Youth-washing and discontent

 4 in 5 people over 50 feel patronised by ads, 3 in 5 wish there were better depictions of people their age. Advertising’s obsession with youth, across who we target, who we hire, and who we feature, has meant other narratives have been ignored, sidelined or reduced down to age alone. In doing so we’re not only being ageist, we’re missing a huge opportunity.

Does this tab bring me joy: Absolute joy! I need to finish the article but I’m glad to see someone else is picking up on the amount we market to gen-z and lack of focus on other age groups is obscene. 

7) Google images vector sex position

Ah a left over tab from a few months ago.I told you it was bad.

Does this tab bring me joy? I mean I’d look pervy if I was to say yes. DELETE.

I hope you enjoyed my tab cleanse and consider doing it yourself. Perhaps even try it with your desktop. Not naming any names @Marciamiller


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