D&D or something like that. – By @AlekLewin

D&D or something like that. 

The brave adventurers of Checkout gathered in Ye Olde Pop Tavern. Mead flowing  plentifully and talk of recent exploits was abundant. 

Marc the Wise entered the room, pipe billowing vapour. He raised a hand, an excited hush  fell across the drinking hall. 

“My friends, I thank you for gathering here this evening. I wish we could gather under  happier circumstances. Alas, I am afraid I have a most dangerous request… Someone  has stolen my prized pencils and I require you endeavour to retrieve them for me”. 

The tavern erupted into action, adventurers from all walks of life frantically finding a  partner to set off on their journey with, searching for the perfect compliment to their  specific set of skills, best placing them to win the race to retrieve the fabled pencils. 

Some decided to search the lost aisles of Tesco for the pencils. Others geared up to  search the frozen lands of Penguin. A couple of particularly plucky souls took only 21  grams of equipment with them.  

Each strategy had to be signed off by Master Uri, ensuring the adventurers knew the risks  of the journey ahead. Canyon traps & false oasis just a couple of the dangers that could  fell an expedition before it had even begun. 

One by one the adventurers settled into their teams, each convinced their plan of attack  was the correct one, they hunched over their scrolls of wisdom, desperately looking for  any insight that could give them an edge over their competition. 

Marc smiled ruefully as he looked over his gathering of misfits, if only they knew the perils  that awaited them on their quest. 

He rose his mug in salute of those willing to sacrifice themselves for the pencils to be  returned.  

Marc cleared his throat, the adventurers heads snapped to attention. 

“One last word of advice my brave friends. If you retrieve the pencil of wood or graphite…  Leave them where they lay, I have no need for them.”

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