5 things I have encountered in the first month at SCA for the next cohort – By @CameronTurnerL1

5 things I have encountered in the first month at SCA for the next cohort

  1. Fear is constant so is the imposter syndrome, the competition and finally the self-exposure. For example, I’m a lot younger than everyone else and that`s quite scary because I`ve been in real school recently and age is such a large factor in terms of respect in school. In fact, you assume life is going to be like that. However, I was pleasantly surprised because everyone in the School is so different, talented and friendly.  You kind of understand that everyone in SCA is there because they have a strength and you have to give Marc credit where credit is due, he is good at picking a wide and diverse range of people. It`s still early days though, we will see how the others turn out. However, I’m great though so he did something right. Just kidding I’m not that vein. Or am I? I must be if I wrote that.
  2. The second situation you will encounter comes from the click. Oh…… what is the click you may ask?. The click is when you`ve spent 5 hours or a couple days putting your heart and soul into an idea and Marc does the click. Now to give you context the brief`s get won by individuals and sometimes Marc will give feedback. But you know what is worse than Marc not giving you feedback. The worst is when he just clicks to the next slide. It`s not his fault though, it`s yours because you created something that was not good enough to win but wasn’t bad enough for feedback. You have created meh, meh is pain, meh hurts. You will encounter meh and it hurts more than someone saying your work sucks. The click is the enemy and we are learning more about the click as the weeks go on.
  3. The 3rd situation you may encounter is the friendly disagreement. The friendly disagreement is when your put into a group and you and someone else disagree on the direction that the brief is going. So, you disagree with each other by complimenting “other” stuff they’ve done, and they do the same to you. To be honest this is better than the latter though and I have learnt a lot from the talks on being positive from Mike Palmer (on the sunning and raining dynamic). That talk was a game changer for me, it definitely changed how I approach teams. Anyway this situation can lead to the next situation if it friendly disagreement is not met with real resolve.
  4.  This is a strange one and I may be jumping ahead but the evolution of shitty idea. The interesting thing about this is that your mentors will warn you and warn you and warn you and make subtle hints because they don`t want to discourage you and then warn you and warn you and warn you again. I did this with the Berrocca brief.I just got lost on an ideal. But you’re going to do it and I’m going to probably do it again. In fact, I’m definitely going to do it again but hey —— WE MOVE. 
  5.  Finally, WE MOVE. Once you’ve experienced the first 4 and then you start understanding that taking losses on the chin is actually helping you grow. It`s a mindset that I developed quickly as I didn’t win at all the first 3 weeks and I won two points which is nothing and I feel like Master f@cking Yoda. I have by no means gone through any of the real tough stuff at SCA and I’m aware of that. However, I feel as though if I Keep this ‘WE MOVE’ mindset we may make it until the end of the year.

Until next time folks.

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