Friday Glory – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


Friday Glory 


A week ago I was sitting at my desk in SCA local wondering what would be the answer to the brief. Drinking coffee till I can’t sleep because my product was for Starbucks and I needed to « feel » it. 

I had troubles with Idioms that I don’t know, describing things that I don’t understand well. Wake up and drink coffee, Pierre! Ok, thank you.

Running, walking to catch my bus, to miss my bus. Going to the office to say: « Marc I am sorry I was late don’t make me dance in front of everybody ».


I mean I love doing my job but often I encounter a big problem, language. I speak, write and watch shows in English but sometimes I don’t have the reference and so I don’t understand it. Of course, I can sometimes follow the mood and just pretend that I am understanding but in reality it is like watching a baseball game I am not understanding a thing of what’s happening. That is kind of a bummer for someone that brags in front of other French people of being bilingual. Moreover, I am a copywriter who can not do a good copy because I have less knowledge of cultural facts. 


Fortunately, by the end of the week, I knew I was getting out to the pub. As a sup de pub student I know my way around.

At some point in the night I was craving food so we went to the pizza place. After having good laugh we started walking towards the train station. 

To this day I still don’t really know what happened but we end up sneaking into Ice land 5 minutes before it closed to buy beer. 

The tube was intense starting with a nice ride with lots of good lads that were in the same state of mind (drunk) as me and my SCA friends. 

To another tube with lots of people going home after work. That was definitely not the same ambience. I started to shout my anger. 

You see in the U.K the tube is narrow so I am bumping my head on the walls pretty often. Does English engineer really thought it was a good idea to build spaces that were not adapted to tall people? Please send me a message on twitter @paboukratevans I will be happy to discuss it.


Anyhow, we ended in a big couch watching a show that seemed weird at first but was really funny after all. The show is on Netflix and it is called « Peep Show ». I definitely recommend it to you to understand more about the English culture. Keeping my mind listening to good U.K english and watching series that have most of the best English references. Provide for me one of the best exercise. I am constantly learning and my classmates are really helping me out. 



Ps: My tekkers are improving fast bruv. 


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