Subject To Change

My first inclination when sitting down to write this SCAB was to write about my first three weeks at the SCA and how it’s been blah blah blah and the truth is it’s been tough. Mainly for reasons unrelated to the school. So instead of putting myself and you (the reader) through a boring, grueling tale, I decided to change the subject. Let’s talk about something else. Here is a list of 3 things that have made me happy recently.

1. Vegan yogurt

For some strange reason, since turning vegan 4 years ago I completely forgot how much I used to love yogurt. Not sure why my brain acted like it was off the menu like vegan yogurts don’t exist. Standing in front of the dairy fridge, on a recent trip to Tesco it finally clicked that all Alpro products are plant-based…..Durr Mosh. They only had the plain version but I didn’t care. I grabbed that bad boy, took it home, and drizzled maple syrup all over it. I am not ashamed to say it was a sensual moment. Since then I’ve discovered and upgraded to the vanilla flavour which also hits the spot. On a recent Sunday, I was having such a pleasant moment with my yogurt that I was struck by lightning by the idea of Gods. So I got out my roll of static whiteboard paper from Rymans stationery store, ripped off a sheet, stuck it on my wall, and started mind-mapping an idea for a vegan yogurt brand. This is absolute proof of genuine happiness for me because whenever I’m genuinely happy, the ideas start to flow and I start writing on the wall.

2. My Nephew and baby season 

So my sister just had a baby boy a few months ago and he is the sweetest, most peaceful baby ever. I enjoy holding him for long periods and just being around him in general. Plus by some weird fate, he happens to have the same surname as me but not because of my sister. Her fella just happens to have the same surname as us which is cute I guess. One of my male cousins, who already has two daughters, is expecting his third child. He told me if it’s another girl he’s going to jump off Tower Bridge. Luckily he recently found out that he’s having a boy so hurray no bridge jumping. His baby is due two months after mine…..Oh yeah, I’m having a baby. My wife and I are expecting our first child around Christmas time this year and although it’s one of the things keeping me up at night, I’m super excited about becoming a dad and having loads of babies in the family. I can’t wait to watch them all grow up together. 

3. Squid Game on Netflix 

I’m not gonna pretend like this was so amazing that it made its way into my top 10 or even top 30 shows of all time but It’s definitely a good watch. The story was strong, the acting was good and the set design was niceeeeee. I love when a show is able to grab the attention of the masses and cause mass meme histeria. I love when this happens because I love analysing why shows/films are successful and I love deep diving into the finer details within them. This is where I completely geek out. I’ve spent several hours on the phone talking to my writer and actor friends about it. Deep dive conversations make me happy, it’s a great source of inspiration for me. I’m these types of convos, I come to so many points of realisation that often have nothing to do with what we are discussing at the time. It may trigger ideas and solutions for unrelated creative problems. Or someone might say something that sends my mind a train of thought that proves to be abundantly fruitful for work purposes. It’s like I’m mining the conversation and finding gold and gems that are unexpected but completely applicable for my both work and life. 

In closing, I guess what I’m trying to say is everyone has their way of finding the inspiration they need to focus on their work and the road ahead. My way is and will always be to change the subject because life is uniquely subject to change. Tough moments are exactly that…..MOMENTS and the only thing I can manage is my perspective. So this is me focusing on the things that have genuinely made me happy instead of focusing on the struggles. 


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