F I N ALL Y – By @ZSlatter

By Zoe Slatter



I needed this school,
I never realised that,
I knew so little,
But now I know a little more.

Advertising was a blur,
I never knew it’s in’s and outs, How powerful it really is,
So I guess it’s a little clearer now.

I think I’ve found my stride,
I’m no longer a millennial in the dark, Googling job prospects,
So I’m mentally happy now.

Art Direction sums me up, Just a little bit of everything,
I kinda like it now,
Its actually a really cool thing!

And after months of indecision, I’ve got my self a partner,
She writes some cool stuff,
and says weird stuff with me too.

So I think I’ve found my stride, Which is perhaps considered late, But the dark was always lifting, And now I think it’s nearly gone.

There’s so much pressure on children, Aged 16 being asked what to do,
‘What do you want to be when your older?’

– I always hated that.

I usually had one answer,
Quite an unrealistic one,
‘A dancer sir, then retire to be a teacher’ I never knew the true reality.

So kids it’s okay,
Light shines at random times, I’m 23 and it changed,
I think I know what I want to do, Finally.

See you in the job world. Finally.

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