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Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


Thoughts before the break

Every time I come to write a blog post I always write a list of different things I could talk about and choose something I feel people would prefer to read. I also check to see if I could write a sufficient amount on it but I’ve noticed I tend to veer off the subject point in most of my scabs. I think the problem is that I have so much to talk about that I end up bubbling over with things to share.
I’m sat rather cosily in the car on my way back home for Easter and as per usual I made my list of potential subjects. The school gives us so much to write, think, act on, avoid, share, reflect on, discover, unleash. It becomes a somewhat positive mental mess. So I thought I would simply share my list of varied thoughts:
Our D&AD idea came while eating Pringles and not trying to think of an idea.
I recently learnt the washing up brushes in the studio have fairy liquid inside them. Amazing. I’ve been using double.
How it isn’t a nice feeling having to ring the chancellors of the exchequer (Mum and Dad) for money when you’ve ran out. — And wondering if when I’m older, will I be able to afford to pay my own children the same amount my parents have been able to offer me.
The lengths Caroline went to to help with scripts for D&AD. Every night (even at 1 ‘o’clock in the morning) Caroline was on call for emergency changes.
I had to ring an ambulance for a man in West Norwood and it didn’t come for 2 and a half hours.
I drove past church that was having an Easter party that was advertising the different things they were doing, one being a teddy zip wire. I wish I could have gone to see what this was. 
I think I’m going through a premature quarter life crisis.
Adriano told me about the Apple factory in China where working conditions are so bad that many people were committing suicide. Since then they have placed a net around the whole building and added signs stating ‘You are not allowed to commit suicide’. I was so shocked at this, and saddened that Apple don’t appear to be in any kind of rush to sort it out. It makes me want to do something about it.
Despite what everyone seems to think, Londoners are friendly. 
How I naturally romanticise everything.
I think I need a tech detox.
How quietness is really nice
The amount of facts I’ve learnt and continue to learn could only mean my ranking in my local pub quiz will undoubtedly go up.
When I went for a wander one night after school around Mayfair and being mesmerised by the wealth in the air, as I rather contentedly nibbled on a scone that was reduced to 25p in M&S. If there’s one thing I’m certainly getting better at, it’s searching for those yellow stickers.
People swear a lot in advertising.
The amount of times I say ‘like’ has like, reduced.
And finally, how I decided to eat a doughnut while writing these and without realising it had white chocolate icing on. I gave up chocolate for Lent and typically the day before Easter Sunday I would eat chocolate accidentally. Here’s to next time.

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