Collecting Dots and Wisdom. By @eandertonallen

Beth Anderton-Allen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


Collecting Dots and Wisdom.


Ever since our first day at SCA there has been a large emphasis on being more receptive and immersing ourselves within different everyday cultures. When we designed the infamous Fat Penguin studio we decided that we were going to leave space for a dots wall. This, in simple terms, is a big wall filled with anything that inspires us and fires up new and interesting conversations. This week Marc told us to go out and explore and then bring something back to the studio on Monday so that we can start building up our wall of inspiration. We were once told to consider ourselves as squirrels when collecting dots, squirrels foraging for nuts. Searching for little nuggets of information that you can form connections between.

On Thursday we had an interactive learning experience that will surely make the process of dot collecting a lot easier in the future. Street Wisdom is the process of going out into the streets and tuning into your senses. By Keeping an open mind when searching the streets helps drive your body towards what naturally attracts you and can help find solutions to your unanswered questions. During the workshop we were given the instructions to walk around the streets of Brixton, slowing down opening up our senses and observing that things that interested us. I felt as though I was zoning out but at the same time zoning into everything with a more clear mind. One thing that I noticed myself doing was looking up at the tops of buildings at the intricate architecture and craftsmanship. Everything I looked at had a purpose and story to tell.

Every week I try to go out and collect as many dots as possible. I find myself taking photos all of the time of things that I think are really captivating, even if it’s just and interesting composition of objects. Capturing and storing that moment is really important as you never know when you might need it. Over the past few months I have tried to go and see at least one live band a week. I feel as though you don’t just go to appreciate the music, but you go to let yourself become submerged into someone else’s story and creation. A few weeks ago I went to see Christine and the Queens at the Brixton Academy with a fellow Fat Penguin. We were totally captivated, their had been so much thought and care put into the aesthetic of each number that we couldn’t keep out eyes off the stage. At one point she even said to the crowd : “This, tonight is a free zone. You are free to change identity if you want. I won’t judge you. If you want to be a train, be a train! Who am I to tell you?” and I thought this is the amount of passion that we should all put into our work and we should always remember to be ourselves.

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