I said something nice about you all – By @GCopywrite

I said something nice about you all

Dear Reader, 

The last few weeks have been utterly insane. So many emotions. I feel like through the average SCA day I fly and fall several times. One moment it’s literally as if I have wings and am soaring my way into greatness and solving all the world’s problems. The next, no one has replied to any emails I sent asking very politely for a book crit, it’s okay though, I’m sure my email just ended up in junk. It’s a tough time for everyone.

So here’s a nice line about everyone in the cohort. Love and light people. (Mentor/Staff version is incoming). 

Aaron- Open hearted. I’d chat to him about anything. It’s not been easy this year but he’s found his stride and is now taking mighty gallops forward everyday.

Alex- Detailed perfectionist, looks very good in stripes.  

Alfie- I have never been so fond of someone who winds me up. Earlier this year I had an Alfie ‘boundary’ whenever he came and sat next to me that I wouldn’t let him cross. Loves his friends.  

Alice- Pulls off a myriad of crazy prints and colours that just shouldn’t go together. 

Andy- Kind and always manages to put things into words so eloquently. I’d never get in beef with people if I could articulate myself like Andy does.  

Bastien- Puts all English boys to shame. The French really showed you guys up this year, exceptional politness. Famous for his seductive wink.  

Carly- MEGA babe. Also low key a sneaky savage. She is this Hillary to my Bill. 

Charlie- One positive penguin always uplifting others and giving time and ideas generously.  

Chloe- Not a low key savage. A high key one and I rate that 10/10. 

Chris- I am so in awe of Chris. Works his nut off and always super kind to others and helps me out with adobe.  

Deano- The best kind of bat shit crazy. The world needs more Deano’s. Think different personified.  

DJ- Keeps it real. Also super talented at shit outside of advertising which makes him ten times cooler.  

Elisa- The hardest worker I’ve ever known, she also comes armed with bag fulls of talent and is the sweetest soul.  

Elle- My OG. I respect her not taking any shit from me greatly.  

Ellie- an excellent secret Santa present giver, halfway through my bath salts now. Also calm but dark, there’s no way Elisa came up with that fucked up BBQ shit on her own :heart:

Eva- My Dutch fairy. Adopt me Eva adopt me and make me banana bread. Eva will one day change the world.  

Holly- Thank you for picking up the phone to me every single time. My favourite person to have a laugh with.  

Issy- I appreciate your enthusiasm for my cat so much. There’s no one else I can talk about Frankie for hours with. She misses you too. 

Ivan- Pop ICON. Also incredible art director, my D and AD would have never happened if Ivan hadn’t stepped in to help me (help is a loose word, he basically did the entire thing). 

Jay- Beautiful stylised drawings- If there was one skill I’d want to nab from someone, this would be it. So uniquely his as well. 

Katie- From behind the whimsical lurks a dark mind. She’s attracted to dogs. She’s also got similar stomach issues and I feel at peace talking about them with her. Liberating. 

Lawrence- Much needed calm. With all the bells and whistles of the SCA those calm gentle souls really hold the whole thing together. Also like Jay, gorgeous illustration style.  

Marley- Damn girl can write. Tell me stories and tuck me in bed please.  

Munraj- Takes really good pictures of his girlfriend which make me jealous and bitter towards my own boyfriend. Also fun to work with, very quick mind.  

Oli- One day I will start World War Three with you. We won’t touch Afghanistan though.  

Phil- Beautiful booming voice, if this whole ad thing doesn’t work out, voice acting is his way forward.  

Pierre- Bonkers in the best way. Can’t wait to see you win D and AD.  

Rachael- Also loves my cat which gains anyone brownie points with me. Multilingual and cooler then I’ll ever be.  

Rolly- A go getter. Didn’t find her partner in this room so found one elsewhere and nailed it. 

Sam- We exchange political views on slack. Such fun. Also gave me a new found love and appreciation for pebbles.  

Scarlet- Sadly, nothing Scarlet ever does will beat her roast potatoes. I dream of them. She’s won at life.  

Sean- Remember when he dropped that poem in reflections? JAW DROPPED. Amazing talent.  

Tommy- Scary good with a sword. Also great voice that should be used commercially. DEF should voice his own ads. 

Zoe- Such fun playful AD, every time I pass Farrow and Ball I point her ads out! 

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