IN HONOUR OF HONOR: By the Fat Penguins





Happy birthday Honor!

Ludo: Total auburn babe and the best dance partner ever.

Tomo: The nicest part of my morning (before Town Hall) is a hug from Honor, which for some reason has become a daily thing.

Daisy: Honor, you’re as cute as the kitten you’re getting. Also as furry.

Augustine: Honor is like a thermostat for your mood. You can never fall below a certain point with the H lady around.

Lauren: Dearest Honor, I’d travel as far as Bognor, for a night out and a doner, followed by a detox in a sauna, with you. Because you’re worth it x

Gnome: Honor, I would write you a song-ah but as you can see it would be wrong-ah. You’re cool. X

Beth : The legend of Wise Honor. The only person at SCA who understands how important it is to shake a foot. XOXO gossip girl.

Sasha: Honor is sunshine and enjoys using nicknames like smidgley

Rollo: Oh how I envy the velvet round her neck.

Orla: She says you look pretty even when you cry.

Flav: I am not really sure how she manages to always say what you want to hear but she does…I guess she is just magical.

Jacob: Honor is fab and Smidgley is the greatest nickname I’ve ever encountered.

Krista:  All the best things start on H: Honesty, Honour, scHool of communication arts, Harry Potter and of course – Honor. Without her SCA just wouldn’t be the same.

Anam: Honor is SCA’s very own ray of sunshine, you can’t not smile around her 🙂

Adeline: She follows you to the loo to make sure you don’t cry on your own. Yes. She’s the best.

Bunmi: hey missy miss FABulous…you’re  always cheerful and happy!

Mona: Happy birthday little sunshine, thanks for always bringing happiness!! From Helmut and Mona with love.

Sophie: Happy Birthday to the smiliest, loveliest twinkletoes. Please bring in more pictures of Bonnie (is that how you spell it?!?)

Christine: TILLYKKEEEE (happy birthday in danish) to the most beautiful girl with the prettiest hair ever!!!

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