A final reflection on a year of mentor wisdom

Rob: fix what you can in the time you have

Pete: the answer’s in the problem/is the thing you’re saying the best thing there is to say?

Marc: reciprocity

Thiago: **effortlessly doodles wisdom**

Uri: **triangle**

Rebecca: find a better line

Dusty: you can scamp even if you can’t

Alan: sell the work

Alex: where does your eye go first?

Ndukwe: edit

Ian: use the grid

Mike: **important yellow slide**

Caz: tastetherainbowtastetherainbowtastetherainbowtastetherainbow…

Chris: do I know what it is/does?

Gary: take the visual DNA

Richard: what type of creative DO you WANT to be?

Toufic: question the context

Amy: unicorn palette FTW

Marcia: lose your voice at Glastonbury

Max: patience and kindness

Louise: beetroot hummus FTW

TeezuS: ADeez Nuts


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