The Big Guns of SCA2 by @JezzaFonteneau

Jérémy Fonteneau

By Jeremy Fonteneau


The Big Guns of SCA2


The school is living thanks to the industry and we are thankful for that. We really are. Just have a look at how many reflections we have on the big guys of the industry! Rory Sutherland, Dave Trott, Mark Denton, Alexandra Taylor, and all the others.

But we often forget to thank the ones who make it. The ones who make the school what it is today. Their names are Toufic, Jean, Vikky, Rob, Caroline, Hannah, Honor, Clare, Georgia and Chantelle (yes girls, you are still in my heart). Their names are Pete, Matt, Alex and Shekhar. Their names are Bryan, Dave, Steve and Marc. Ian!

How lucky am I to see these people every single day, to call them by their first names. To listen to their stories. Even if they’re sometimes so long that you would be late. But fuck it, it’s too good. To shake their hands everyday and have a massive conversation about cat lovers who used to be goths, or why sex should not just be fine. Or anything else!

Thanks to every single one of you, because you are the big guns that lift the school up.

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