Stress – by @LeonoreLeitner

by Leonore Leitner



We started counting the days until SCA is over now and it’s stressing me out every fucking time. I can’t believe how fast the time went by, our first day feels as if it was yesterday. How is time moving so fast? How is there so little time left to improve? And so much to do! When I think about all the things we have to do and all the new projects we want to finish, it’s leaving me feeling deeply overwhelmed. I guess you shouldn’t think too much about all of these things and just get them done. There is no more time for overthinking, you just gotta get your head down and do it.

Like Rosie Arnold’s inspiring words in last weeks masterclass – if you feel like you’re in hell, keep going.
Although I would never describe SCA as hell at the moment! It is very stressful, but I also feel like it’s the most fun time Coco and I had working so far. Making your own briefs, working on your own portfolio and keep getting ideas out, crafting, polishing, killing them and starting again is the most pleasant thing ever. I love quick changes and I get now what people meant when they said enjoy the time in which you can still make whatever you want, choose the brands you like and don’t have to worry about budget. We’re never gonna be that less restricted and I do really value this freedom when working on stuff. But the point – SCA doesn’t feel like hell if you don’t make it one – is still the same as Rosie Arnolds saying, you just have to keep walking. If you have a shit load to do, don’t overthink it, just keep walking and get it done.

So locking back at all the months that have passed, the exactly 2 that are left are stressing me out loads. But I drive on the stress, I love it and I need it. Nothing makes me more productive than deadlines. And I think while some people don’t appreciate the stress and don’t like it, I know I need it. Also I really don’t believe stress is something negative. I think you have to use it for your own benefit. Stress actually also isn’t the reason for burnouts or anything bad like that, according to psychologist Kelly McGonigal She said that stress actually only releases hormones that you can use for good. It is only negative when you think it is negative.

So I’m gonna try to use the stress in the best way possible. Use it to get shit done. It is incredible how much more I can get done on the day before deadlines. 

The only thing I still have to figure out is how I can make me take my self set deadlines as serious as our real ones.

I’m very grateful that there’s still time left to learn from our incredible mentors, try out new stuff, fail and learn from it. I’m also very grateful to grow even more with all the amazing people in here. If I look back to the beginning and how we all didn’t even know each other, it’s unbelievable how many people I have locked into my heart since then.
Another thing that’s weirdly stressing me out except the counting of days in town hall now it is just a weird thought that in a few months we’re just gonna be replaced with new people, going through the same emotional roller coaster as we are now. 

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