Rush hour in the tube @marionaulas

By Marion Aulas

Every day’s the same. You walk on the station. On your way, you already see the crowd that will wait for you on the tube, to create this wonderful atmosphere on the rush hour.
And so you start your commute. Like every day, the central line is hot. Like every day the tube is stinky. Like every day your journey is noisy.

But not every day’s the same.
Today a really cute puppy is seated on his mistress’s knees. I mean, really cute. You want to cuddle and play with him so bad. You love dogs. You stare at him. Way too much. You look weird. Stop doing that, look at something else. A man is playing candy crush, he looks so involved in it. Nothing’s can disturb him, you think. Stop staring at people! You will have trouble someday.

Oh, time to change. You get out of the tube and you have now to slalom between people on the crowded platform. Take one escalator. Two. Take another step. And you are on the other platform, waiting for the Victoria line. You know that in this line you can seat. And it’s not hot. But it’s noisy. The tube comes and whisks your face. You get in the tube, seat and close your eyes. Argh, too much noise. You can’t get some rest. You look around you. Almost no one, 2 stops left. Why is anyone ever go to Brixton the morning? Just the time to gnaw your nail (I know gross but you’re stressed).

Oh, your station is here. Already.
The next station is Brixton. This train terminates here. All change, please. Keeps your belongings with you when you leave the train.

Note: Look at around you. Be conscious and aware of what is around you and of yourself.

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