Stuck in the Triangle – By @carlyillston

Stuck in the Triangle 

I’m sure of everyone is sick to death of hearing about Corona in England, so I thought I’d give you a break from all that and tell you all about Corona in Bermuda instead! 

Neighborhoods are throwing block parties and playing soca music to feel more connected. 

Nature is healing. While the dolphins return to the ocean in Italy, the cows have returned to the ocean in Bermuda. Pic enclosed for proof. 

The only guests of the Southampton Princess are sheep. 

The Premier announced that the sale of alcohol and tobacco may be halted during lockdown, and there was a riot in a supermarket, which the premier had to address and say “Long story short, your alcohol & nicotine supply lines are secure. Premier isn’t cutting off his own rum swizzle supply”. 

People had to be told that getting someone in to clean their pools was not an essential service. 

2 people got arrested for being on the street to do “exercise” at 3:30am. 

Someone else got arrested for kayaking. 

Someone else got arrested for trying to deliver banana bread to their daughter. 

We have a huge shortage of protective gear (like every other country) so all our schools are 3d printing masks, and kids are hand sewing them too. 

Some idiot coughed on the police intentionally while exclaiming “I am Corona virus”. 

But so far, the single most exciting thing that has happened in the month I’ve been home was seeing two military helicopters fly over the island. We don’t have any helicopters normally, so it was a pretty big deal for us. (this also caused mass hysteria) 

But the thing about all of the above, is that I saw all of that second-hand. We can’t go more than 1/2 a mile from our houses, so our experiences right now are pretty limited. Social media and the entertainment industry have never been more important. But I think it’s been easy for people to take this for granted, and especially taking artists for granted. But when there is a global pandemic, people turn to books, movies, tv shows, and video games for entertainment. And even social media is playing an important role of allowing people to share their experiences and feelings on Corona. 

And if I didn’t have access to social media right now, my list of the top ten most exciting things I’ve personally witnessed this month would look a little something like this: 

1. A lizard ran across the road 2. A rat ran across the road 3. A bluebird flew across the road 

4. A tree frog drowned in my pool 5. I saw my brother’s math tutor 6. Saw a garden with some really cool climbing trees in it 7. Saw a garden that had a putting green in it 8. My dog got a piece of melon stuck in the roof of his mouth 9. My mum has baked banana bread a total of 5 times 10. And coming in at number 10 is watching my dad do a triathlon in our back garden. 

Stay safe and stay home! 

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