Precognition -Eve Rédélé

By Eve Rédélé

If I have the choice to have an extraordinary power, the power that I choose is precognition.

The ability to see things before they happen has its uses, and not just for trivial matters like winning lotto numbers and the outcome of sports games. Whether it’s preventing future crime a la Minority Report or knowing whether or not your new relationship is doomed, precognitive abilities will always give you a leg-up on every situation. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you.

 Since I’m a child, I always wanted to know what will happen in the future. I want to know more about where we are going. When I was younger, I was telling my mother when I had a dream. And sometimes, the thoughts that I have said her were true. The moment has happened. So, see the future is a capacity that I would love to have, to see more, to know what is going to happen. You can maybe change the vision of what you have seen. You can help your friend or family to avoid the situation, or help them in a dangerous one. Precognition is a superpower that can create advantages and disadvantages. It may sound crazy to choose this power because you can play God knowing the future of someone. It can be great.

  That face of the power could be the one who creates a problem. Not everyone wants to know about the future, and also, see bad things happening to people you like, that can hurt you. You can also become someone of interest. People may get jealous and try to buy you or to convict you. It can become a way to earn money, but also a way to put you on the scene and some person wouldn’t like the fact that you know more. You may be a fool and crazy person who wants attention. Also in a way, it can attack me on my mind. I will want to have a perfect future. To achieve that ideal future I wish you can do a crazy thing do and realize your future. But this goal is not healthy. You’re creating a fake environment on your mind that can break you literally if you don’t achieve it, or worst if you only concentrate on yourself and. You can become crazy and be put in a psychiatric hospital

If this was real, I know my life will be crazy. I will have to choose between my future and another person. If I want to be a good or a bad person. This power is two side. You can create a bright future or a negative one. Life won’t be any more a series of free choices; everything will be organized to have a brighter future. At the leading edge of existence, I believe free will rules life. If our consciousness lives back from the leading edge of time from our perspective, everything that ever will happen has happened already. So for me having that power is an opportunity

Precognition defeats procrastination, so get on with it, you already decided

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