A flick through D&AD throughout the years?

After D&AD New Blood, I feel like a bit of pasta dough that has been pulverised, flattened, stretched, drawn and then quartered (not to be dramatic). But now it’s all over, and I can finally reflect upon the many hours of graft and craft my partner and I put into our masterpiece. That squishy ball of pasta has now been turned into an elegant lasagne (or pasta cake as Dave likes to call it) and I have learned so much. 

Now that the student awards are out of the way, the next step is to get ourselves into properrrrrr D&AD. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, we’ve only just finished the student awards after all… I thought I’d share a few of my favourite D&AD bits and bobs I have encountered during my morning ritual of religiously flicking through the annuals.

Let’s go all the way back to 1985. This year is a strong one in my books. I have no idea why I feel nostalgia when I wasn’t anywhere near being born, but I do nonetheless, probably because I am an absolute fiend for a print campaign. Enjoy my memoir of flicks, bits, bobs and dots I have discovered

I have never quite forgotten about this bit of work since I first saw it. Strong starter for sure. I love long copy, you don’t see it nowadays. Everyone is mindlessly stuck to their phone screens out and about, no one takes a second to pause and read. I hope long copy makes a return.

So quintessentially 80’s, absolutely love these.

The Edge – Greyhound

So simple, yet so good. Also a greyhound wearing some Reebok’s is pretty cool.

Our readers in high office

This is just bloody clever isn’t it.

Kanye West Heaven and Hell

Great use of exaggerating a product truth, the ultra-durability of Samsonite suitcases. I find the visuals very intriguing and just want to stare at it, I find the longer I look at this piece the better it gets.

Nothing But Potential – Look Down

Very thought-provoking poster and great use of medium based on the harsh human truth of humanity’s selfishness.

As much as I love a good poster and a cheeky bit of out-of-home advertising isn’t all about print! Here are a couple of my favourite most recent bits, I am a HUGE animation fan so enjoy.

Bloody Good Period ‘Typically’

I adore the authenticity, and style of animation, the music is so catchy too and I would love to produce work like this one day! Bloody Good Period are an amazing charity and I think this reflects the organisation beautifully. 

Save Ralph

Brb crying after watching this. Another winner from the animations category, I love this piece of work because of the humanisation of Ralph the Rabbit, and how it’s so grounded in the real world. A piece of work that will most definitely stay with me and I hope it does for many others too.


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