Autobiographies set to be best-sellers in 2016! By @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


Autobiographies set to be best-sellers in 2016!

The man behind the hat by Adriano Sganzini.
The dark art of phonebooth knifefights by Ben Golding.
The drunken rambling of an idiot by Orla O’Connor.
Werds and that by Chloe Cordon.
Nadia by Nadia Hammoud.
Stigazzi by Federica Martini.
A rose amongst thorns by Larry Grainger.
I always wanted to be a Bad boy by Zac Mehdi.
Crumpets, Rice Cakes, Peanut Butter. by Laura Magee.
The Little Black Book by Owen Hunter Jenkins.
My black hat by Nick Lindo.
Knitwear, Corduroy, and Blazers. The life and times of Sebastien Thomas.

From K – Z (embossed in a gold script like font over some sort of horrible black and white photograph) by Katy Edelsten.

Thank f*ck for that by Matt Kennedy. Shortly followed by the sequel – DJ Bobo: The Ibiza Years.

A butterfly in a clowns costume by Dennis Engel.

A biography of Drew Davies written by Drew Davies.

Read Me by Beatrice Bergman.

Orange juice and fried chicken by Samuel Markham.

Screw you – an autobiography from Alicias knee by Alicia Cliffe.

The curly story by Roman Lapacz.

Eat Bananas in Public by Alex Overland.

‘Triumph’ – An autobiographical film about Matthew Butler.

I wrote something by Becci Mai Ford.

EL-NUNU MI GUSTA LOCO… How to be understood by Nunu Munoz – Ramos.

When dinosaurs could vote by Nick Kugge.

A series of fortunate events by Ethan Bennett.
I by Sokaina Aliouate

Vegetables are our enemies. By Blaz Verhnjak

‘Rhiannon’ by Rhiannon, the unauthorised autobiography.

Greedy for life by Tomasz Wojcik

An Gus by Angus Crombie

Dead Letters by Tristan Amadeus

Wetting the cheese by Ben Tatham


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