THIS IS NOT A CALLING OUT: Scabby SCABS vs.  #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria 

A SCAB is a reflection blog at SCA, but did you also know that scab is the word for a healed wound. Wittgenstein would absolutely love this wordplay lol.

This SCAB is to reflect on the past week (my first week at SCA) with my most recent scab that is still healing…it is a scab on my heart *queue tears and awwwws*. My heart has been broken again and again and again. By whom? You ask…I’ll tell you in a short poem:

One day One day 

One day e go better

E go better for you

E go better for me

E go better for we 

One day One day

One day

E go better…

And that day is


My poem is inspired by a popular Nigerian song/jingle that has been chanted through the ages, and echoed in many chambers, but TODAY it has a different  meaning.  

My heart has been broken by THREE things: 

  1. my home country, Nigeria, the government and the senseless killings of unarmed civilians by SARS (Special Anti- Robbery Squad). 
  2. my country of residence (where I’ve spent over half my life), the UK. The passivity on this issue is sad af. 
  3. Adland (credit to @adland on Twitter). (read further for brief explanation in this)  

This SCAB is a reflection on my horrific  realisation (on a very deep level) that the Advertising world does not genuinely give a sh*t about the things and people that they say they do*: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Helping others, Being a voice for the voiceless. This isn’t a personal drawout by the way, so reign in your defences and egos…this is a general comment on the effects of late-stage capitalism and consumerist culture. It ain’t personal PPW, HBB, yvligO, yerG, ODBB etc etc…yet.

I hope if YOU are reading this, you reflect on yourself and your scabs; find it in your scabby heart to search the hashtag, follow @endsarsuk on Instagram AND on Instagram and Twitter and do some wider reading outside of your bubble to actually give a sh*t about things you should give a sh*t about.

With Kindness,



@ModupeReis (Twitter)

@modupereis (Instagram)

@ Modupe Reis (LinkedIn)

*I am open to being challenged on this. @ me on Twitter and we can discuss ☺

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