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By Ivan Stanojevic


Vikki Ross’ tips


In Term 1 we had a couple of masterclasses by one of the most talented copywriters in the industry – Vikki Ross. She’s had so many accomplishments, among them a hilarious presence on Twitter and the fact that she created Copywriters Unite. Copywriters Unite is a non-formal event for copywriters to mingle and have fun. I got a chance to go to one of them in September. I met a copywriter, originally from Romania, that had the most extensive collection of ideas I’ve ever seen. Her notes were immaculately organized into categories and subfolders. One of them titled »Ideas«, another »Moneymaking ideas«. I aspire to become her. Her organization skill inspired me to delve deep into my archive of notes and ideas. There I uncovered old notes I took during one of Vikki Ross’ masterclass and decided to share them with you here today. Enjoy these words of wisdom.



  • The more you read, the easier it is to write.


It seems like a pretty obvious one, but we often forget about it. This doesn’t just have to be Dostoyevski – read the Metro. Read the shit ads we see everywhere. Read signs in coffee shops. Words are everywhere and they are powerful and Vikki says we must use them wisely. Words have the power to make a change.



  • Inspiration is everywhere.


Listen to people around you. Notice the words people use and why they’re memorable. Copywriting is a direct conversation with the consumer. We should make everything feel like a natural conversation. Ed Sheeran is a good example of this.



  • Get real, get personal, get active.


Don’t talk in »proper« language. Be more relaxed. Instead of saying »You will«, use »You’ll«. Opt for »get« instead of recieve. A great example of a no bullshit campaign was the »Does exactly what it says on the tin« – simple and direct. When writing for a brand, don’t keep repeating the name, just say »we«, address the customer with »you«. Don’t say timepiece, but rather watch. Don’t be afraid to use words people actually say. You should also write in an active voice – Amy watches TV; gets you going, puts energy into sentances, makes you want to join. 



  • Words work, words count and words dance.


Write with impact. People rarely buy features, people sometimes buy benefits, people always buy emotions (a quote by Glenn Fisher). Don’t waste space with irrelevant words like »amazing« or »hilarious«, if you’re describing comedy. Make people think, feel or do. Use rhythm and pace to make words seem dynamic. 



  • Learn all about people who you admire and geek out on them.


Contact them, ask questions. Send in your work for critique. People are usually flattered when we ask for their opinions, but we are still afraid of asking for help. Not only that but we also never think our work is good enough to show it. We have to remember that every single person in a high position was in your position years ago. 



  • Final words of wisdom.


  Relax and trust the process. Have loads of fun, it’s a fun gig and it should be fun.

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