Hacks to survive the number one school – By @nclrolly

Hacks to survive the number one school

Sharon was not a good student. Somehow, she managed to get into the best school in Hong Kong. This a list of tactics she had in her sleeves to survive the school.
Some background info before you get started: She hates the thought of studying for the sake of getting good grades; she prioritises watching anime and reading unrealistic love stories over it, which didn’t help the grades. For those ‘practice makes perfect’ subjects like physics and maths, she barely made attempts to solve equations as soon as the finish bell rang. The strategy most often used for tackling tests and exams is cramming, usually the evening before.

Tactic 1) The beauty of The World Wide Web in writing book reports
Students were encouraged to read, the school forced them anyway. Every month, they will be given a book by their Chinese teacher, classic literature normally, to write a report on. In the five years in that school, Sharon has only read one book, and it was done for her reputation. She bumped into her Chinese teacher on the train after school one afternoon. To demonstrate she’s a good student (and to avoid awkward eye-contact), she took out the assigned book and started reading. It was a good book actually. It’s called To Live. The story was about a man surviving the tough times during The Cultural Revolution in China. (Ok back to the hacks. ) Because these books are well-written and had a large readership, book reviews are available. And the great invention of the internet made them easily accessible to her. HA! So to deal with the book report assignments, Sharon would digest a few reviews to learn about the story, take a few take-aways from there and link them to something she saw on the news. The key to avoiding plagiarism is to read a few reviews and write using words from different reviews.

Tactic 2) Spend time finding the shortcut to the solution instead of figuring it out herself
As mentioned, Sharon didn’t get satisfaction in solving physics problems. (She does, sometimes, actually, but she’d rather spend time somewhere else.) Her physics teacher used to assign around 20 questions after a chapter was done. To deal with that, Sharon would go online and search for the answer book. Sometimes it takes a good hour because the files were not in a readable format, hence, she mastered the way to decode different formats.

Tactic 3) The i-am-not-using-my-phone way to listen to music (she didn’t do this but it’s a good one)
School rule did not allow phones to be on burning school hours, so listening to music had to be done discreetly. Before the true wireless headphones era arrived, some seniors made use of the school uniform to the max. In winter, they wear jumpers. They connect their ears to their phones using the jumper. The earphone cable ran through their jumpers from below, then through one of the sleeves, and then they rest their head against the hand with the right sleeve. The hand was handy to cover the earphone up or to pull it out in risky situations.

Tactic 4) The cheat-friendly body part
In religious education class, the teacher made sure students remember Bible quotes by asking them to recite and write down quotes every week. She doesn’t care about doing well in this subject at all. Therefore, so she made use of the fact that she’s wearing a dress, wrote the quote on her thigh, and copied them when the teacher is far from her. She took care into detecting her surroundings and will only push away her skirt to do the copying when the noise made by the heels were at a safe distance. This tip is not recommended for major tests or exams though. For moral reasons. But feel free hack this for stuff that other people don’t care about the grades.

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