Utter Drivel. By @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt


Utter Drivel.


People-watch, volunteer, phone a friend, read an unexpected book, watch an unexpected film.

I people-watch quite a lot.

Observations are often profound and perspective-changing. I’m sure one day I’ll be inspired to write something great about it.


I volunteer sometimes.

Also very much perspective-changing.


Phone a friend you haven’t for a long time.

There’ll be a reason I haven’t.


Unexpected Book?

Not right now.


Unexpected Film?

Let’s watch ‘The Emoji Movie’.


Jonothan’s reviews: The Emoji Movie

It’s lucky that I find animation, 3d lighting techniques and fonts entertaining, because if I didn’t, I would have had to digest every stimulant ever to keep me awake while watching the film.

Forget improving primary school education. The real issue is that people are submitting their kids to devoid-of-culture drivel like this.

The animation is well crafted. Some of the characters are well thought out.


But the plot?

It’s got less story than the operating instructions on a brick.


I don’t care about reviews. I liked Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

But this time, I’m inclined to agree with 9% on Rotten Tomatoes.


So I asked some people what they thought about the film.

Some of them liked it. These were all people under 10 years of age.


“I love emojis.”

“I also love Emojis.”

“My nappy is full.”


I gather then, that Sony essentially took something people like, animated it and made $167m profit.


This is the world of content.

It’s culture and quality versus capitalism.


I love to see craftspeople doing work that actually improves lives; work that they and others can be proud of.


If some aliens turned up and took The Emoji Movie off the shelf, they’d be back in their own galaxy before we could explain that we aren’t all as inept as ‘quality control’ as Sony Pictures.


During the movie, I laughed once, which I guess is 3.5 calories burnt. So that’s something.


As always, though, I am not a man of problems without solutions:

Watch The Double by Richard Ayoade. It is a great film. One that manages to make me, a person not at all involved in its making, proud to be human.


As always, I’m @Jonothankh everywhere online.







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