We Are Lucky – By @katyedelsten

Katy Edelsten

By Katy Edelsten


We Are Lucky 

Here at SCA we have a chance. We have an opportunity. 
We are in a place and time with the support and ability that make it possible to do something. 
That something is break into the world of advertising. 
To get placements and ultimately a job in advertising. 
That’s why we all came. 
That’s why we all applied, interviewed and turned up on day one. 
We now have the tools to get what we applied here to get. 
But are we really using them? 
Are we really taking advantage of the opportunity? 
Are we really aware of how lucky we are?
Scientists have estimated that they chance of us being born is about one in 400 trillion. 
Thats the chance of boy meeting girl, the chance of them talking, getting on, having a relationship, the chance of them having a child, the chance of every one of your ancestors reproducing successfully in this way (over 150,000 times) so that any of this could even happen. 
one in 400 trillion. 
We are lucky to be here.
We are lucky to have go into this school, and now we have to make our own luck to get what we want out of it. 
We have to make our own luck to get what we want out of our careers, and that starts here. 
With this in mind, how do we approach the rest of the year? 
Treat every day like the first on a placement. 
Treat every brief like your chance to get a placement. 
Treat every mentor like an employer. 
Treat a book crit like an interview. 
Because that’s what they all are. 
Chances and opportunities. 
Not answers. Not guarantees. Not promises. 
Be prepared, be ready, be keen. 
Be on time, be interested, be willing. 
We are lucky to have got this far. 
But we’ll have to make our own luck from now on. 

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