10 ads from the history of advertising in Ecuador, Chile, and Spain

I invite you to a small tour around Latin America and Spain’s culture through their TV ads. I chose them because some of these ads are part of 80’s kids’ childhood, became part of the country’s culture, or used cultural elements and insights interestingly. 


1. Gudiz. I’m happy with my gudiz.

This is one of the stickiest ads I remember from my childhood in Ecuador. Almost every Ecuadorian child from the 80s can sing the song by heart. 

2. I am Máximo, and here I am!

Disney collaborated with Unicef to spread awareness about vaccines in Ecuador and encourage parents to vaccinate their children by creating a national ambassador for vaccines: Máximo, the toucan. This was a very successful campaign, and I still remember it. 

3. Mebocaína. For wild throats.

Mebocaína was a well-known peppermint tablet for sore throats. This ad shows how people’s voices get wild with a sore throat.

4. Panolini. Il sogno di mamma è intoccabile -cappici? 

Panolini is a well-known diaper brand in Ecuador. They call themselves the “Il capo” of diapers. The ad shows a group of cute babies dressed like the mafia in a meeting. The leader tells the other babies that no one should bother their mom while she is sleeping. 


5. Gangnam style. Creditazo style. Banco Estado. 

The duck in the ad has been the brand ambassador for many years. In this ad is a famous singer performing a song about outstanding credits at Banco Estado. In other ads, the duck is a journalist or actor.

6. LIPIGAS. Let’s make love to winter.

LIPIGAS, a domestic gas company, found out that some couples stop having sex during winter because of the cold weather. This ad encourages them to turn on the flame again.

6. WOM. Clavistel scam clients.

WOM is one of the most innovative cell phone brands in Chile. They created a fake brand called “Clavistel,” to mock their competitors’ bad deals in a clever, fun way. In this tv ad, “Clavistel” sellers have their clients’ heads as trophies on the wall for 18 months, fish them, or hunt duck clients with their lies and fraudulent deals.

7. WOM. Famous TV Judge Ana María Apolo gives the reason to a client that was scammed by “Clavistel.”

WOM wins the game again in this ad by having an internationally famous tv judge as an actress. The judge helps a woman who is tired of her mobile company.

8. GASCO. Calorcito calientito.

In this ad, a famous Chilean actor becomes a Reggaeton singer to perform a song about the many benefits of Gasco.


9. Renfe. Your train

This ad contrasts the images of people stuck in traffic or unable to take their flights at the airport screaming and getting angry with the voices of passengers on the Renfe train meeting each other in a friendly, relaxed way. 

10. Dodot. Marronazo

Parents know that babies apparently choose to poop in the worst moments. Dodot, a diaper brand in Spain, makes fun of this truth.


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