Eat, sleep, rave, repeat – By @manouchrtn

By Manon Chrétien


Eat, sleep, rave, repeat

Well, hello there ! Even though my current motivation equals the one of a sloth stuck in quicksands, time is running out so I will try to get together my last brain cells to write my second SCAB .

Indeed, I came back this morning at 6 am from an electronic music festival in a city in the center of France. My initial goal was to write about my passions, so I definitely needed to include the festival part because I spend a lot of time / energy /money / long-term life points / body parts running from one to another each summer.

What is so thrilling about festivals is that you get to travel : around the world or even in your own country, the distance of the escape has nothing to do with how geographically far you go. The social part is also a key point. Within a few days, you meet so many different people, and there’s always an atmosphere of love. You can literally feel the good vibes emanating from each little human’s heart, we’re all here to have a great time and no one wants to ruin it for the other. Which is something we should apply to our everyday life if you want my opinion. AND of course you can wear disguises every day, whereas putting on you unicorn costume to go to your corporate job on monday mornings is still being frown upon.

Anyway, this time, I had decided to take it to the next level and give something more than just my hazardous dance moves on the grass (don’t get me wrong, I love dancing but I have NO sense of rhythm whatsoever). This time I was a part of the volunteer team and I got to work « from the inside ». It was a beautiful experience and I think I’ve enjoyed it more than when I was just here to have fun. I had never worked on an event happening on several days and with this many people. Besides, beers are free for us but of course that’s not the main reason to be a volunteer (might be the second one though).

I love having a mission to undertake, otherwise there’s always a time when I get bored, which is the worst for me, I need to constantly feel alive and be entertained (such a spoiled child you may say).  In Paris, I’ve been a part of a music collective for 2 years and a half now – Haribo House if you want to check us out – and you get used to enjoy parties while doing something else, like taking care of the bar, the cloakroom, the entries… It taught me a sense of responsibility and how to follow a project from the idea to the real thing. We’re a small team so we need to be versatile. My leading role was supposed to be creating visual / graphic content but I’m also working on the scenography and a lot of other missions. For instance we are all constantly looking for new places to host our parties. Sometimes we find really unusual spots : last year we took our turntables to a former nazi brothel, that one was really fun – even though the police did not really approve. It was a real adventure and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to work on events like that with a team of real friends.

No macarons burning in the oven today, but I really need to sleep if I want to make it to next week and get to meet everyone. So enough todaying for today.”

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