499 miles away – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


499 miles away

Mike’s talk this week really got me thinking where I would like to see myself after SCA and while it seems a long time away now I know it’s going to come closer than I ever would of anticipated. I still feel like I am at the beginning of term 1, when really there is only a few weeks left.

When I first thought about advertising I wanted to work at bigger agencies, work in London,
my mother tongue, the city a stone throw away from my home. A lot of this has changed coming to SCA I have discovered new agencies, work I find more exciting and learnt more about the different agencies and the politics and body of how they work. I’m starting to look in to smaller, independent agencies. When Mike asked us to write down a list of all the agencies we would like to go to instead of Ogilvy, Grey and Saatchi and Saatchi, agencies that would of filled my list before had been replaced by smaller independent agencies their work is big, its braver and it excites me.

Somehow the idea of working in London has become less exciting, while it is a city I love I have been here 23 years now. My bones need stretching, a part of me needs to breathe new air.

One of the agencies at the top of my list is Jung von Matt their work is risky, brave and pushes the boundaries of what people consider advertising, their work inspires me, has the ability to make me laugh and cry. This year to show what less diversity looks like they used their client EDEKA to open a supermarket without foreign products. It sent shivers down my spine, I crave to make work like this and get it out. Jung von Matt are based in Hamburg A city that comes close to home. Its where the woman who shaped most of my life was born and bred. She moved to the UK after WW2 and hasn’t gone back since. She has always told me stories of her time in Hamburg, and how she would love to go back and see what’s become of the place, see her childhood home. At 94, going back is just a dream of hers.

For me it could be a reality.

Right now I have set my goal to get a placement at Jung von Matt there by the end of the year. It’s going to be far from easy, contact will be harder, book crits and networking. But I’m ready for it.
I’m over 100 miles away from where I want my work to be and over 100 miles away from agency I want to work at

Getting to Jung von Matt is going to take not just going that extra mile, but 499 to be precise

Knowing where my heart strives to be has made me more ambitious than ever, I have a lot to learn in craft, language

But I have a plan to make it there,
I have 499 pieces of work to improve on 499 miles to go
And a plane ticket to Hamburg

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