A Most Important Desmond by @SJYeates







By Stephen Yeates


Desmond Tutu has, for some time, been the go-to man for a particular group of uni graduates.

“You all finished, mate? Nice. What did you get in the end?”

“I got a first”

“Me? 2:1”

“What about you, Paul?”

“I got a Desmond”

One or two football personalities on twitter use it too, naturally, when a 2-2 scoreline occurs.

“Sanchez equalises, Desmond at the Emirates”.

On Friday, we experienced a different Desmond altogether. A timely reminder from Marc that – at Term 2, Week 2 – we needed to be more trusting and embracing of the processes we’d been introduced to in the run up to 2015.

I’m sure, during portfolio brief 4, for some of us some of these processes might have been running subconsciously in the back of our minds. But speaking personally, I know I can be doing more to consciously set better foundations, both strategically and creatively, using the tools and routines we’ve been carefully fed so far.

It feels a long time ago now that we were told process is everything, and I believe it more now than ever. Ideas won’t come to me, I have to give myself the best possible chance of finding them. And I’m glad I’m reflecting on that now, rather than minutes before the final whistle.

A most important Desmond at the SCA.

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