A safe space to be a narcissist – By @nclrolly

by Rolly Ng


A safe space to be a narcissist

SCABs has been a space for me to do self-sorrying, probably a bit too much. So, for this scab, I am going to say some good stuff about myself by doing self-promotion to partner hunters. After all, everyone needs a bit of a confidence boost from time to time.

  1. For perfectionists out there, you can rely on me to make sure we smash deadlines as I make sure we prioritise the most relevant tasks. When my Hong Kong work mode is on, I can look at the bigger picture and make decisions on what to focus and give up on. I know when not to be a perfectionist.
  2. If you need help to be more structured, I can sit down with you and make a timetable that works for both of us. Let me know what your goals are, and I will find ways to make sure you have time to focus them in our timetable. I have a spreadsheet to do this at the moment, it is being updated every morning based on my goals for the week and my progress. My desk might not be very organised but my mind definitely is (says Camila).
  3. I can be very determined. If I really want something to happen, I will make it happen. Two summers ago, I promised myself not to go back to visit Hong Kong before I got a job in UK. I knew HK is not a helpful place for me to build my confidence because of the collectivist spirit there. However, it is home and home is always comfortable. Once I stay there, I would probably stay there forever. After 47 applications, a research position in St Albans was offered to me, I accepted it and rewarded myself a month holiday in Hong Kong.
  4. Honesty rewarded if you like my dry humour and cheekiness. I will tell you if I feel our idea is not multi-dimensional enough.
  5. I have a high level of self-awareness. When the moaning starts, I know something is wrong. It might take some time for me to figure out what the root of the problem is, but I wouldn’t just leave myself going down a rabbit hole. I let my troubles out when I feel shit by keeping space in my journal to write my troubles down. It doesn’t only contain my troubles but solutions too.
  6. I have a good memory. I went to school in Hong Kong, where we have to memorise a lot Chinese poems. With a good-night sleep and a well-written script, I can remember my lines for a pitch pretty quickly.

Bonus: I can cook Chinese and Japanese food.

I need a partner with the following traits:

  • a collaborative mindset
  • holds me accountable to focus on tasks instead of people
  • has the patience to explain cultural references to me
  • can deal with my dry humour
  • listen to me when I feel down
  • find my animal pics lovely and interesting genuinely

Email if interested.

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