A Seven Year Late Idea, by @NicholasKugge

Nicholas Kugge






By Nicholas Kugge



Two years ago, as I was completing my university degree, I was still in the limbo of planning my career.

Back then, I did not expect that few months later creative advertising would be more than just a job.


When I started to play with ideas I did not know any teachers or relatives qualified to mentor me. Hence,

during these days of ignorance I used to practice my craft (cough) by randomly promoting goods and

services. After a couple of attempts I had produced several executions. I really enjoyed this so-called

creative process. But I was most enchanted to have a concept similar to an actual advert. “Oh putain” I

had the same idea as a completely unknown agency located in the cold and remote province of Québec.

But does it matter, back then it was that little extra kick I needed to jump into creative advertising.


Today, I do not share this kind of enthusiasm anymore, for the better. Now, it is almost a fear. Recently, I

was staring with despair at one of my campaigns, it had already been done seven years ago. And after

starting from scratch I was definitely not sharing the same frenzy – even if this time the agency was not

from Québec.

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