A tube trip – By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard


A tube trip

On my way to go home, the weekend after Mac Miller dead I was in the tube coming back from my introduction day to this new scholar year listening to “the way” by Mac Miller feat Ariana Grande wondering if she feel responsible for his drug overdose… 

About 1 hour far from the school I took the tube to come back home and decided to write a scab thinking that despite of the fact of a handful of talented artists left us recently, the word never stops turning…

After this first day at school, I was thinking it was a good day with meeting everyone and know what I will going to for the next few months.

Really exciting about this year, a teacher, Zac ( that I knew from last year) ask us what were our goals for this year and our stay in London. I wrote that I wanted to 

1-Subscribe to the gym (as everyone wish to have an healthier life even if we all carry on to enjoy pubs and clubs)

2- Found an amazing internship in London 

3- Wish that SCA would be my last year as a student and carry on in a fantastic working life 

Following that, I was thinking of what I was scared and what could stop me ? 

I realised that apart from my fears, I was the only one who could actually be an obstacle in my new project: infiltrate an advertising agency in February for my internship. As I want to stay in this lively city, this year is fundamental to polishing a brand new portofolio more creative than ever. 

Also, I was really proud of what I’ve achieved this summer with my internship and thought that I actually did more that what I was thinking at the begging! 

On my way to catch my correspondence 

for my second tube I crossed different people and thought about where they were going. Probably they were coming back from work or going to a party, 8pm is the time where night people meet day worker in the tube, that’s also create special vibes and unconditional life in London.

Anyway I knew that I was ready for tomorrow : be on time to the SCA to affront my first brief and raise the challenge to be an SCA student and be creative more than ever!

Failed to went out for the 3rd tube correspondence missing the stop because of being focused on writing, I was looking at the ads in the stations waiting to cut back: while John Lewis was screaming their personal service, HSBC played on nostalgia with « together we thrive » with a national obsession to win.

After passed the whole summer to watch and finish mad men I was finally ready to be the new Peggy Olson !

As every year the first day boost you and make you prepared for a new crazy year. 

Break a leg to everyone, the most important thing is to do it because you enjoy it! 

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