A volatile relationship – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


A volatile relationship

My skin and I have never been the best of friends. The first day we stepped in to the wild together I was hospitalised for jaundice. I was the living figure of a Simpsons character. While it was a tough start this was only the beginning things would only get more unfortunate.

Things took dramatic turn in the following years, my parents lack of teaching combined with dyspraxia led me to not being able to walk without falling through the age of 3-7 the consequence of this was regular application of sudocrem to a regular bleeding knee.

Today my skin still bares the scars of this harrowing times both physically and mentally

The next occurrence would lead me to a life of sorrow and misery. Most people have fond childhood memories of cereal and Robinsons fruit and barley. Remember the days of opening a new packet of cereal and discovering a toy. yeah didn’t happen to me. Instead why mornings was a scene out of the three bears. My porridge being cold and lumpy.
The first time I had Robinsons fruit and barley it was like my tastes bud had been given a gift from god who knew that wheat and juice could work so well. As with everything in life all good things come to an end in this case a horrific ending. A swelling face painted red. This allergy to barley would continue in the next 17 years.

The allegory to barley led me to rock bottom when I realised 90% of the content in beer was barley. Still to this day me and my skin have this on going issue and results in very violent attacks. I drink beer. Skin lashes out. Nobody is happy.

In the following years tension built between my skin and I. After may doctors visits and regular topical creams and weird cream concoctions my auntie would make GCSES hit, while mild in the stress levels upon reflection. It was the first time my body had felt stress and as fussy as my skin was. It was not happy, like a bull in a china shop it really released its anger I was baring resemble to Quasimodo I had swollen eyes that barely opened skin like dandruffs and skin that looked like I had been left in the Australian outback in the height of summer with out any sun cream.

This stress eczema or as I like to call in streczema has been present at SCA for the past two weeks and I’m having to learn to balance my health, and the stress the SCA presets itself with and I know that this is only to get a lot worse.

I wrote a list yesterday of things that I know I needed to stick to if my skin was going to last SCA

  1. Time management – I need to dedicate specific times for different activities and projects so I know when I’m going to do something
  2. Integrity – when I plan to do something do it, if I don’t my skin wont trust me and it will all turn ugly, literally
  3. No more beer, (sorry market house)
  4. Start using the self journal again. It works
  5. Eat better
  6. Quit my job

Here is for a healthier and better week.

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