Add Aidan, by @MartinoMV

martin ojo

By Martin Ojo

In primary school, my friend Aidan was the perfect friend. We did everything together- played at break time, travelled to and from school, ate school dinner, chased girls and all the other things we do in school.

I thought of Aidan when I had time to reflect on the partnerships I have been up, down and around in at school. I asked myself the question, ‘What made Aidan and I work so well together?’

A flash of scenarios entered my mind when Aidan was in front of me, being a leader and directing me into all forms of adventures on the playground- he was delighted to lead, I was honoured to follow. Quickly after I had more flashes of scenarios when I was leading Aidan, showing him how quickly I finished my times tables and how tidy my handwriting was. I was responsible enough to lead, and he was playful and receptive to my form of leadership.

Some emotions sparked because I have no idea where Aidan is or what he is doing however what my memories of Aidan did was remind me what it takes to be in a partnership. It reminded me of a quote from a man I know:

‘To be the greatest, you must be the least.’

What made us a great team was our ability to appreciate and acknowledge when one was leading, and follow.

In school I can appreciate that we have our craft and we have our positioning, what has become apparent to me is that being a leader in our partnerships isn’t a one-person craft that remains the same throughout. You have to be open to ideas and add to it before tossing it in the bin.

Add some Aidan to your ideas and partnerships.

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