Advertising is just advertising. By @christinems_

Christine Smith

By Christine Smith


Advertising is just advertising.

So. Everyone at SCA spend 15000 quid on something that’s not even a “real” education because we all believe this is gonna make us happy in the future. Believe this is getting us that fancy job we think is the key to the perfect life. Or actually learn to make ads that make a difference to people.

Some of us even gave up everything we had and moved to another country to make this happen. Because of what? Belief? I do believe the creative industry is right for me. And I’m not in doubt about being in the right place right now. I don’t think I could have been a better place actually.

So far we’ve rushed through 13 weeks of knowledge, fun, personal developing, mental breakdowns, laughing on the floor and being around amazing classmates and mentors. As I said in my last SCAB, it’s like living in a bubble that almost feels like an imaginary world. It’s fucking great! 

But sometimes stuff happens you are not in control of. Karma can be a bitch, for sure, but what really pisses me off is when bad things happens to good people. Or just for no reason. If you’re reading this right now, please stop for a moment. Stop and reflect on what’s really really important to you, who you’re really lucky to have in your life and be really grateful for being healthy. Someone once told me we all have 3 parameters that make us function in our everyday. Love, economy and health. For example, if you’re heartbroken it affects your health and economy because you’re not yourself and therefore can’t work or think as you used to. So if one of those parameters suddenly were damaged for good, you can imagine how much this would affect you for the rest of your life. 

What I am trying to say is that you should appreciate what you have. All of it. You should believe in the positive things you have and want. We’re all rushing through so much right now that we forget how lucky we are. The perfect life includes so much more than just advertising. 

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