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By Aleksandra Wnuk



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As new and prospective students prepare for next year, I’d like to share some of this years experiences thus far. Not my own, Giorgia totally owns that.

Moving away to go to SCA


What I imagine the perfect creative partnership to look like

and this


When I discovered Holland and Barrett


SCA coffee after a long night

What it’s like if I don’t get it at 3pm


The first time we were asked to rewrite briefs


The first time we ever had to present



Trying to network for the first time


When Hanna buys more paper towel


Our last book club


Taking a midday break to go to the Saatchi Gallery


The smell of £1 microwave lunches from in the kitchen.


When I have a great pun but no one hears it


Every time someone repeats what I say in “Canadian”






A whole week after J-Mac’s first talk


After Robbie and Oli invented the next big thing (can’t tell you what it is yet, sorry)


What I imagine I’ll look like dancing at the SCA Christmas party

but more realistically, this


When everyone is talking about Made in Chelsea


When the Victoria line is down


The look I get when I wear my Hunters.


When London starts to look like Christmas


Oli, after he discovered the best Jamaican patties in Brixton


Not coming up with a single decent idea in over an hour


When we found out John Hegarty was coming


Explaining what I think is a genius ideas to Marc




When I can’t figure out the printer


Events with free food


When the guitar comes out…


When we aren’t prepared for a WIP with Marc


What we’re probably doing when we’re sick at home


Looking back on work from three weeks ago


Our future

And maybe this:







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